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hoooly shit.

 it's been a while. I'm going to try to be more active, promise. 

Yeah, it happened.

 There was a reason I prepared myself for disappointment. It's because I knew it would happen. Hell, I thought if I was ready for it, it would hurt a lot less. 

But it hurts just as much.



 Dear Casey's life,

Please stop sucking. What did I ever do to you, anyways?


Of course...

 Of fucking course Deb wasn't in the office today. Fuck my life.


 I'm sitting here and watching a Silent Hill 3 play through on Youtube... passing the time. I should be finding out very soon if I'm allowed to move in to the Village or not. I'm assuming that Ayd is talking to Deb right as I'm typing. I'm so just safgdkjhfjkhasa;sa because I don't know whether I'll be allowed or not... I really hope I can. D: Anyways, back to SH3, keep my mind off the horribly anxious feeling in my gut.

This one will prolly be long..

But long entries are good, right? So believe it or not I've actually had some interesting days this week, some sad things too. I went over to Ay'd house on Thursday, and stayed there until Saturday, today. Had lots of fun like always, hung out with momma MaryAnn,  Jess, Ange and Bean, Mike and Jess, and Matt and Moolissa. Drank with Ange and Bean Thursday&Friday. I smoked myself friggin retarded. xD Today there was an Easter Egg hunt for century village, and a big guy in an Easter Bunny suit for the kids to take pictures with. He kinda scared me, really. 

Sadly, there aren't many pictures. Which actually kind of sucks, because they would have been amazing. BUT NOW TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF.

Today, Ayd and I talked to Momma MaryAnn about the possibility that I live with them. I cannot find work in Northumberland, or Sunbury. It's friggin ridiculous. But I could definitely find work in Lewisburg. So Adryan is going to talk to the Century Village management lady, Deb, about seeing if I can get on the lease. Ayd says that he wouldn't see Deb having an issue with it, since I'd be getting a job and everything. I guess people move in with other Village people a lot. 

But to be honest, I would love to live in The Village rather than at home with my parents. I'm pretty much treated like an adult there. Capable of thinking my own thoughts and making decisions for myself. Unlike living with my own parents. I love The Village. There's always something to do there. I have a lot of friends there, and a lot of people I have grown close to. I could help mom out with the bills, food, everything. Ayd wants to get a a job too. There is seriously so many places that we could go to work, I was thinking of a lot of the when dad picked me up. First, I want to apply at Perkins, to be a waitress. I wanted to be a waitress really bad at Garden Terrace in Sunbury, but they were never open to train waitresses when I called. And I called for three friggin months. Other than that, there is really no where to work in Norry. Period, or in Sunbury. 

Another place I was going to see if I could work at would be the Hopper. I mean, how amazingly cool would it be to work in a head shop? And Lewisburg is in Union County, and glass pieces are legal there. :D There's also CVS and Sunoco, and lots of places in town. I'm going to talk to my old Probation officer, and see if it's been long enough for me to expunge my juvenile record, and if I do expunge it, if I can get my driver's license. I can go for my permit and what not in Lewisburg then. Working in town would be much easier that way. 

But after Ayd gets out of school, Momma MaryAnn is leaving somewhere warmer. Because with her COPD she can't take the cold at all. Kills her lungs. So Ayd and I could start off in Century Village.

I know that it might not all happen right away, if at all, and maybe not until Momma MaryAnn leaves. I might have to wait until I could be marked as Ayd's "spouse", you know, boyfriend girlfriend type deal, living on our own. but I've given this a lot of thought just incase it come sooner than later. Which I'm hoping for. 

I know that if it happens sooner, I'm going to have to talk to my mom. Sit down, and be all serious like. Because if this goes how I'd like it, I'm going to be moving out of my parent's house. Which is big. Pretty big deal. Also, I'll have to call the cyber school people and tell them I'm moving so I can actually get internet connection at Ayd's with my school laptop. So I'm crossing my friggin fingers, people. I'd really love to live in The Village. 

On the sadder note, Darren hanged himself Thursday night. Aaron, Darren's older brother, just hanged himself a month ago. It's a really long story, and I wasn't close enough with them and their families to be spewing their business, so I'm not going into details. But I feel horrible for their mother, Cindy. She lost two Sons, a son a month. And of course she's still hurt over Aaron. Ayd and I are afraid she'll follow after them just the same way. 

Side note, I'm really hungry. Seriouslyyy hungry. Going to get something to eat now, ending this. I'm probably forgetting something muy importante but I dunno right now. Will write if I think of it. But I will keep anyone reading posted.

lol voice post number 2.

312K 1:36
(no transcription available)

So yeah, I totally had an uber stoner moment on this one. When I went to hit # to end the entry, and I ended up hitting flash, so I was like "hoshit what did I do?" I must have hit a combination of like, seven flash buttons and eighteenmillion # buttons. I was trying so hard to stifle the friggin' giggles in this clip, cos I get the giggles when I'm hye. So Kristi's having a girl and she's going to name her Tatyana. I'm excited, I've known Kristi for almost ten years of my life. I have no idea why, but her and Rasheen are in the Grove right now... just last week when I talked to them they were still living in Norry, but with one of their friends. Yeah, so I vote that voice clips are mucho cool. I think I'm going to post around in SG for a little while and get on MSN to see if there's anyone cool online. xD I'm hye, need entertainment, k.

Frank the Goat Appreciates Your Call!

281K 1:28
“Hello journal I thought it would be pretty interested if I did a voice post that was everyone hear my voice. I'm pretty sure I sound a lot different on the phone than I do in real life. I always seem to sound a little more annoying in high pitch and recorded things but this is close enough and I thought I'd would substitute for me my lack of journal entries. Because like during week days all I really do is school and that's it and you know. What kind a interesting to somebody write about school I don't know. Really not probably not interesting but while I'm home and not away and everything it's really boring and I really have nothing to write about except for my boring I am boring. So really I don't know why I'm doing a voice post either. Because I have nothing interesting to talk about on a voice post either. Expect for I just read online that when Linzie Lohan and Samantha Lanson broke up again I really don't follow closely celebrity gossip or anything but I really do like Samantha Lanson and Linzie Lohan together. So it's pretty sad that they broke up and you know Samantha Lason pretty hot so yeah. I think that's about it though cos I don't wanna run this too long. And have you listen to me ramble on and my probably annoying voice. So yeah bye bye Journal”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

So. I thought that the voice posting was a lot of fun. :D I guess I really didn't sound all that annoying. For anyone who is going to listen, I suggest headphones. The sound quality on my desk computer was pretty shitty and I could barely hear myself, but on my MacBook, I could hear myself fine. I guess it's just how good the speakers are or whatever. BUT I think I'm going to do voice posts moar often. Maybe I'm easily amused, but the whole voice posting thing is very much kick-ass to me. And the Auto-Transcribe thingy is wrong in a lot of spots, just so you know. Like "Samantha Lanson" is obviously supposed to be "Samantha Ronson". And I didn't say "Bye bye journal", I said "Bye LiveJournal". So yeah.

Wake and bake. :3

Yeah, soo. I'm pretty toasty. I wanted to take some new pictures of myself really bad, but I'm at Ayd's and the cam sucks. Hardcore. So I will take some pictures of me when I get back home wiff my camurah. His camera has much bright flashes! Jeez! But there is this one amazing picture I want to post up here. Well, a few. They're muy importante to me. The people in them are pretty rad. They're like my second family. :D

This is Kayori. She's friggin' adorable.She's Ayd'a neighbor, Jess' kid.
Sometimes she's a little too hyper active, but she's a sweetheart.
Yes, I know, me? Actually liking a child? Hush! She's seriously ah-mazin.

This is Ange, the birthday girl. Yes. girl, swear it. xD I call her Ange The Boi Wonder cause she's butchy. Obv. Anyways, she had the 21st birthday I wrote about earlier.

This is Mike. Ahaha, he looks so 'gangstuh' here. I had to put this one up, cause it's like, the only one we could get.

My friend Bean. :] she's going out with Ange the boy wonder. ^^

The secret love note I wrote to Bean.

You already met Kayori. Well, that's her mom there. Jess. She's rad.

My favorite picture of Kayori and Ayd. EVER. Don't ask, I really like it. So, sorry to cut this one short, buuut Ayd wants the computer. D:</center EDIT: And Kellogg's Corn Pops are win.


Today I finished my entire history course... a whole marking period early! Gooo me. 

Also, I am very excited. I plan on having a lot of fun this weekend. ADRYAN GOT ME A FIFTH OF VODKA FOR ANGE'S PARTYY. YAY. Beanie chipped in to get it, so of course, I don't mind sharing with her. Even if she didn't chip in, I'd prolly share. But I guess Beanie is inviting a few of her friends... ugh. I really hope they aren't girls. Really, I don't get along with a lot of girls. And if they are girls, I hope they're a lot like Beanie. Because Beanie is pretty cool for a girl. Well... she really doesn't act like a girl, anyways. I mean, her and Ayd rip farts together... ew. AND THEY BETTAH NOT TOUCH ME AND BEANIE'S VODKA. I'll kill 'em dead, bitches.

So like, yeahhh. This weekend, I'm sure to be completely wrecked, k. I haven't been really messed up in a while. So I'm excited. Thankfully I've grown to know my limit, because vodka barf is grossss. When Ayd calls me back, I'm going to tell him that he should talk Beanie and Ange into investing in some jello. JELLO SHOTS FTW. We could so use the fifth for jello shots. I looove jello shots. If not, I'll just have to buy some soda on the way for a chaser. Mmm, vodka and cherry coooke. 

Right, so I have a chapter of "The Things They Carried" to read yet for tomorrow's elluminate. Gotta feed Caty yet, and blah blah blah. Much to do. I'll write tomorrow when I'm very drunk. <3 I'm going to have so much fuuuun. :]

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